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Tennessee >> Nashville >> Found a dog? Lost a dog? Find your lost dog, lost cat or pet.

Welcome! Found a dog? Lost a dog? is a 100% Free LOST & FOUND for ALL critters – dogs, cats, livestock, horses, even parakeets and ferrets.

Lost Pet Lost pet You will be asked to review found critters. If you don’t see Fido (or Tweedy Bird or your Gecko) posted, then enter your critter and upload a photo. You’ll be asked to login or enter contact info (which is kept confidential).
Found Pet Found pet You will be asked to review lost critters. If you don’t see your found critter posted, you can use your CELL PHONE CAMERA to send a picture to for immediate posting. Include type of critter and location (ZIP code).  No camera phone? Use a digital camera and upload the critter’s pic from your computer.

Found a dog? Lost a dog? Shelters can and should take advantage of the MissingCritters site. Click here to see HOW and WHY.

Pet Owners, please note:

  • When a match is confirmed, we'll contact you via email and/or a text message.
  • Your phone number is your login ID. Please select a secure password when contact information is needed.
  • Owners may pre-register critters and keep them on file.

We wish you the best of luck. …brought to you courtesy of!

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